Google Chrome Tricks

30/05/2017 Main

Hey everyone, a say beep beepity beep boop to you all. That means welcome to my electronic blog in computer. How many internet browsers do you currently have installed on your computer? Most people I know have at least three, and one of them is always Google Chrome, the in house browser made my internet powerhouse Google. With all the things that we do on the internet being moved to more cloud based servers browsers are becoming more and more like a multi-functioning box of computerized magic. Here are some of the more magical tricks that you can try with Google Chrome. Read more

Tricks you can do on Notepad

24/05/2017 Main

Whazzup everyone, welcome back to my electronics blog. So, my microsoft Word has stopped working for some reason and I have had to start using notepad to write all of my research down which is seriously annoying. I have gotten to learn some pretty cool tricks that can be done on Microsoft Notepad. Here are some of my favourite. Read more



17/05/2017 Main

Hello everyone, my name is Tommy and this is my electronics blog! I have always been a fan of messing around with electronics, since trying to get a friends Nintendo Entertainment System working in the back yard 20 years ago. Since then I have grown a little bit and moved to building my own computers instead of taking apart ones that don’t work. I am a huge fan of video games, from the original Pitfall on the Atari to playing independently developed games on my Steam account like Stardew Valley and the Stanley Parable. Read more